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About us

We deal with the distribution of Menzerna, Nordic and Honey products. Complete with quality polishing agents, accessories and car cosmetic products. We also provide professional advice to our clients. In our car cosmetics, we work with the marketed product to ensure continuous quality control.

Our principles

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Only original, premium quality? we provide customers with products that come to us directly from the manufacturer. Is that how you order? can you be sure that it is original, good quality? you can receive the product after placing an order.

Since we like to use the products, we know and have mastered all their ins and outs. So if anyone has any questions or feels lost in the abundance of products, feel free to visit us and we are at your disposal for everything.

We always monitor the changes in market demands and trends. We have a lot of faith in the products, but we are always looking for new opportunities to help our customers in as many areas as possible.

Customer feedback is important to us. We like to accompany customers through the use of the product, so that any problems that may arise can be quickly corrected, so that everyone is in good hands.

Our history

Our company has been dealing with premium quality since 2010. by marketing polishing materials and accessories. Through our professional experience, we searched for what is suitable? order car care products with which our specialists can do a perfect job? to fulfill towards.
This is how we found Menzerna's products, which thanks to the perfectly developed and transparent system, the end result is perfect. Are the polishing pastes high quality? Does the composition and the polishing wheels match? beautiful in addition to use? shine can be achieved. Then we expanded our offer with boat polish and metal polish products, so that everyone can find the one that suits them. device.

CarBax products are car care interior? and outside? it is a perfect choice for caring for rims, windows, engine, instrument panel and tires. Supplements in addition to chemicals? handkerchiefs are also available from us, the combined use of which will make the end result really perfect.

And Nordic polishing discs have tested best so far with separate branded polishing materials, so we have started distributing them as well.

Our company wants to help all of our customers, so if any professional questions arise, we are at everyone's disposal. Our mission is to provide premium quality with our expertise. in addition to car care products, we can also help with useful advice and even product demonstrations.

Our team members

Get to know our team, who run the Prémium Polishing Materials company.

Henrietta Wolford

financial manager?

John Wolford

case manager?

István Takács