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3 & 1? One-step Polishing 1L

One-step polishing: Sanding, polishing, wax

Polishes to a shine in just one step.

Medium coarse polish, high gloss? and seals? together. Everything in top form. Polishes 3000 sanding marks, reliably removes scratches, holograms and hazy areas, and provides long-lasting high-gloss protection? surface. Provides shine simply and quickly, making it ideal for beginners. for polishers and company and used cars.

I nod:
  • One-step polishing process: polishing, surface treatment, sealant
  • Grainy 3000 wear
  • Fast, shiny surface treatment
  • A noticeably smoother surface
  • Can you overpaint?
  • Silicone free
  • Processing:

    Step 1: Rotating

    Step 2: rotary/orbital

    Step 3: Orbital

11,024 Ft (Br.: 14,000 Ft)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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