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Menzerna Wool polishing pad 150

Menzerna is a variety of abrasives and excellent quality? offers lambswool sanding pads. Lamb's wool pillows are highly abrasive, have low heat generation, are of excellent quality and durable. Together with Menzerna Heavy Cut Polishers, deep scratches and sanding marks can be removed quickly.

Polishing step:

  • New and well-adherent MS and HS paints.
  • Scratch-resistant HS lacquers
  • Heavily worn/used paints
  • Compensating for overruns

Polishing step: Polishing

  • Scratch-resistant paints
  • Small scratches
  • Is it from less use? abrasions
  • Blurred spots
  • Size 150mm
  • Color: White
  • Disc 123 mm
  • Microfiber cloth?

3,622 Ft (Br.: 4,600 Ft)


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