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Heavy Cut Compound 400 GREEN LINE 1L

Innovative car polish removes scratches and creates shine without harmful solvents

VOC-free car polish? removes sanding marks in a single step and leaves behind a shiny result. It quickly removes scratches from car paintwork and guarantees the best polishing results without odors. The car lights? according to DIN EN ISO 11890-2, it is VOC-free and does not contain harmful volatile solvents. The divisible polishing grain enables comfortable work right up to the end. to the surface.


  • Rotating:
    Initially: 800-1500 rpm
    Towards the end: 1800-2000 rpm.
  • Eccentric:
    from the lower rpm range to the upper one
  • I nod
  • High work efficiency
  • High gloss level
  • High yield
  • Deep car paint scratches can be removed quickly
  • No dust formation
  • Tear? processing
  • Silicone free
  • VOC-free according to DIN EN ISO 11890-2
  • Solvent without odor

11,654 Ft (Br.: 14,800 Ft)

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