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Menzerna 456 G NF metals

The Menzerna 456 G compound was developed for titanium, stainless steel and NF metals. Can you reach me very quickly? creating an even surface. Deep scratches can be removed quickly. Car parts, cutlery, dishes, kitchen sinks for the use of products made of stainless steel. Short polishing time? and prevents overheating, especially thin workpieces. Polishing paste provides the highest quality to the surface before galvanizing. It also guarantees perfect results for lamps, musical instruments or technical components.

  • Precious metals
  • Brass/NW metals
  • Stainless steel
  • Fat content:
  • Dry
  • Color:
  • Gray

8,661 Ft (Br.: 11,000 Ft)

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Weight 1.4 kg


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