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Gelcoat Fine Cut + Gloss Polish 1L

An increasingly vitalizing element: Fine Cut+Gloss Polish is the agile sprinter. Flexible for any maneuver.

The user sets the pace and determines the force.

  • Slight yellowing and scratches may affect the sail.
  • What remains is a noticeably smoother high light? surface - also on dark gelcoat.
  • I nod:
    • Excellent quality? sanding powder, very easy to use
    • Uniform sanding pattern
    • Clean sanding pattern, even on curves
    • Thanks to the liquid suspension of the sanding particles, there is no need for sanding powder, contamination, or respiratory protection
    • Processing:


Surface condition:

  • Slight yellowing, slight weathering, minor scratches.

Result of polishing:

  • A perfect, glowing glow? surface even on dark gelcoat. Smooth surface for good friction characteristics.

7,480 Ft (Br.: 9,500 Ft)


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Weight 1 kg


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