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Gelcoat Premium Protection 1L

  • Wellness for your ship. Relief on the stern, bow, starboard and port.
  • Gelcoat Premium offers long-lasting protection against adhesion and scratches.
  • Thanks to the latest polymer technologies, the surface becomes visibly fresher and noticeably smoother.
  • Vibrant effect: less resistance, less consumption.

Result of polishing:

  • Long-lasting surface protection, preservation of previously achieved polishing, protection against environmental effects, deposits and scratches.
  • I nod:
    • Flawless surface for economical flow characteristics
    • Maintains and increases the value of the boat
    • Effectively prevents adhesion, even longer lying? also in the case of days and downtimes
    • Processing:

      orbital, by hand

14,961 Ft (Br.: 19,000 Ft)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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