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Soft Black Polishing Wheel Egg 150

Perfect result, thanks to the disc and the polishing material. combination of Use original Menzerna products to get the most out of the surface. The different? hardness? Are discs included in the Menzerna polishing program? differ? are optimized for use with products. Professional users know that in order for polishing to bring the desired result, the disc, the polishing material and the machine must be in harmony. Depending on the amount of wear, put a hazelnut/walnut size amount on the polishing wheel and use rotary or eccentric polishing; remove the remaining material with a soft microfiber cloth; repeat the process if necessary. Is Menzerna's new polishing disc suitable? partner in polishing. It helps to remove minor scratches and dark spots in order to achieve a mirror-smooth surface.

Fine polishing disc, foam black

Finish? for polishing/Coating protection

  • For covering varnished surfaces
  • To create a scratch-free surface
  • To remove dark spots
  • Disc 123 mm
  • With sealing wax SW
  • Size
  • 150*30mm
  • Black

3,543 Ft (Br.: 4,500 Ft)


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