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Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 250ml

Thanks to the latest technology, Menzerna Super Heavy Cut 300 is a perfect abrasive for automotive topcoats with maximum abrasive effect. SHC 300 short time? does it disappear from the sanding? damage up to 1200 grain size, as well as resulting from use? injuries without damaging the surface. Maximum wear resistance. Perfect sanding results after deep sanding. Scratches and traces of wear can be removed reliably, quickly and thoroughly. High performance thanks to the latest polishing technology and other step systems. Professional car polishing based on industry process standards. Menzerna's polishing products retain their value and can be used economically and safely. Does it meet the requirements of trade? Regular polishing processes ensure brilliant results in record time? under. Without silicones and fillers.

I nod

Removes scratches quickly.

With more intensive polishing, the surfaces do not stick together.

Suitable for all varnishes, especially scratch-resistant varnishes.

What it's worth using

Time savings through the one-step polishing process. It can be used on a large surface.

Polishing tool

Cushion, hard, Wool

4,724 Ft (Br.: 6,000 Ft)

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250 ML


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